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Our latest studio reel is here featuring our latest and greatest work. Give it a spin. #visualstorytellers

Interested in how Mr. X brought all your favourite #Hellboy monsters to life? Get a full breakdown of how Mr. X teamed up with Ziva dynamics to bring the Gruagach, Giants, and Werejaguar to the big screen in the #vfxvoice article linked here:

Check out our breakdown reel of our work on Alfonso Cuaron's Academy Award-winning film "Roma"

It was one heck of a ride and we've got the footage to prove it. We bring to you the VFX breakdown from the Netflix Original Film, "How It Ends".

Mr. X proudly presents the VFX breakdown for Vikings episode 510: "Moments of Vision". Interesting fact: The MR. X team have been delivering the VFX in Vikings for the last 6 seasons of the show. We are thrilled to be currently underway on the seventh season of the Norse drama.

Check out the first official photo from the set of Monster Hunter!