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Mr. X proudly presents the VFX breakdown for Vikings episode 510: "Moments of Vision". Interesting fact: The MR. X team have been delivering the VFX in Vikings for the last 6 seasons of the show. We are thrilled to be currently underway on the seventh season of the Norse drama.

Check out the first official photo from the set of Monster Hunter!

Here is a VFX breakdown highlighting our work in the final episode of The Strain. We were honored to have played a part in the making of this fantastic series and proudly delivered more than 4500 shots over four seasons. #VisualStorytellers

Check out some of the awesome Characters we created in this latest clip from GB 2: Haunted Halloween

Here is the first trailer for #VICE, the political drama chronicling the life of former US Vice-President Cheney played by Christian Bale. #Vice comes from director Adam McKay with the VFX delivered by the awesome team in our Montreal studio. You can catch #Vice in theatres on December 25, 2018.