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Apply for Kickstart roles at award-winning creative studios

by The Focus
Apply for Kickstart roles at award-winning creative studios by The Focus

Are you on universal credit?

Are you 18–24 years old?

Are you available for 6 months?

Are you prepared to work for a minimum of 25 hours per week?

Kickstart your creative career and apply now for Kickstart roles available at our award-winning studios!

We're hiring for the following roles:

- Communications Assistant

- Data Capture Assistant

- Department Assistant

- Editorial Admin

- Finance Assistant

- Junior Analyst/Data Assistant

- Marketing Assistant

- Operations Assistant

- Project Management Office Assistant

- Production Assistant

- Talent Acquisition Admin

- Technical Assistant

- Talent Ops Admin

Read more about the Kickstart Scheme and details of each role below.

Then please reach out to your work coach at the Job Centre or their website so they can refer you and share further information on how to apply.

If you are interested in more than one of the jobs below, feel free to apply for multiple roles.

Role details

- 25 hours a week: Hours may need to be flexible between the hours of 9-6 according to team schedule.

- Hourly rate of pay: Minimum Wage

- Location: 127 Wardour Street, London W1F 0NL

- Start date: All roles are currently live and roles to begin as soon as possible.

Essential skills, experience and qualifications needed for all roles

1. Leadership skills – creative approach to resolving challenging situations; problem solver; forward planning; confidence and a critical thinker who works well under pressure.

2. Management skills – highly organised and analytical; good use of initiative; proactive; time management

3. Communication skills – ability to work with a team; honest and attentive; good written/verbal comms; listening skills.

4. People person – teamwork and working well with others

5. Collaborative spirit – team player who is able to build relationships and resolve conflict; willingness to learn

6. Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, calendar management and organisation skills

What will you get from the placement?

1. Support to look for long-term work, including career advice and setting goals (either within Technicolor Creative Studios or externally)

2. Support with writing CV, interview tips and training

3. Basic skills, such as attendance, timekeeping and teamwork

4. On-the-job training specific to your role.

5. Access to our internal training programmes such as Lunch & Learns, mentoring, department pathways (where relevant)

6. General skills development – effective communication, time management etc.

7. 20 days per annum (to be pro rata for length of contract).

8. Access to our pension scheme, Perkbox benefits, eye care vouchers and cycle to work scheme

9. Access to all our studio events, screenings, sports clubs and DEI initiatives.

Roles descriptions

Communications Assistant

The Comms Assistant works closely with the Film & Episodic VFX Head of Culture & Communications to assist with global comms for all FEV brands.

- Update global internal comms site and People Manager site.

- Write useful articles / find resources around our Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, and wider comms initiatives.

- Share and help manage Yammer dedicated channels globally.

- Research and run virtual engagement events to help boost morale.

The Comms Assistant supports the FEV Executive Assistant with MPC Film & Episodic brand-specific comms and engagement.

- Assist with reward and recognition activities.

- Help coordinate company events.

- Coordinate comms resources and materials including local implementation and shipping to other sites.

Data Capture Assistant

The Data Capture Admin’s primarily role is to support the management of the Data Capture department. They are responsible for the movement, management and logging of all data to and from the DC department. They will provide general support to the Data Capture Management and TD’s to enable the team to cover a wider gamut of tasks while still providing the expected high level of service to all projects and department requests. The Data Capture Admin will help to ensure department operations are continuous, efficient and documented while contributing to the timely and efficient completion of shows and other day-to-day resource management for the studio. 

- Keeping track of Department Hours and assisting management team with adhoc tasks.

- Setting up connectivity for new shows.

- Data tracking, sending and syncing.

- Freelance and Vendor account set up and payment.

- Updating department expense tracker.

- Data Capture Calendar bookings, setting up calls and note taking.

- Organising travel for Data Capture (Documents/Flights/Taxis/Hotels/Car rental).

- Organising equipment manifests/shipments.

- Tracking kit & camera repairs.

- Assisting with the set up and execution of shoots.

Department Assistant

The Department Assistant is responsible for supporting the Department Manager in their function as the people manager for the studio (either for MPC Film or MPC Episodic).

The day to day of the Department Assistant will include assisting with the review of time sheets, reporting artist’s presence at the studio and their overtime, calendar management and meeting bookings for the Department Manager and Head of Departments, note taking in meetings, getting exposure to and learning about our Production Management tools, assisting with annual leave planning for the team, supporting with the onboarding of new team members including introducing them to the studio environment, and setting up their access to the required tools and systems, supporting with reward and recognition events.

The Department Assistant helps to ensure department operations are continuous, efficient, and documented while contributing to the timely and efficient completion of shows and other day-to-day resource management for the studio. The Department Assistant will champion a creative and positive culture.

If you are passionate about having a positive influence on people’s behaviors by encouraging a team to maximize their performance and dedication, this is the perfect role for you!

Editorial Admin

The Editorial Assistant’s primarily role is to manage all Data I/O for the MPC London editorial department. They are responsible for the movement, management and logging of all data to and from the Editorial department.

The day to day of the Editorial Assistant will include assisting the team in data management, reel creation, documentation, processing media prior to ingest, physical and digital audits. The Editorial Assistant will help to ensure department operations are continuous, efficient and documented while contributing to the timely and efficient completion of shows and other day-to-day resource management for the studio.

- Transferring, either manually or automatically, all material that arrives via digital or physical means.

- Coordinate the QC/QA processes and ingest the material based on the requested requirements.

- Generate dailies from the material, and of any reference QuickTime generated internally or delivered from the clients and measure quality control.

- Responsible for uploading/downloading and logging all data sent to and from the Editorial Department, including being responsible for making sure this data is distributed to the correct area/dept/person.

- Set frames and rename for DI purposes to the convention defined by the client and upload to the remote site.

- Responsible for uploading all reference material in a suitable format to the system.

- Manage all Film data, including set naming conventions when loading scans, reference all new shots and scenes, archive, delete, copy, move requests will be placed by I/O into the Wrangler queues and managed.

- Assist the global team in ensuring data has been synced to/from sites when required.

- Creation and management of stockpile of disks on standby for output and assist with client deliveries via disk and tape.

Finance Assistant

This position will be reporting into the Finance team and will look after aspects of TCS finance. Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

- Assist with any new customer setup process for TCS by ensuring all relevant new customer information, credit application details are obtained from the client for submission to the shared service team for processing.

- Manage and submit SAP receivable billing to the clients ensuring billing is aligned with payment schedule, contracts and as per client’s expectations and ensuring Board is updated.

- Ensure debts are paid in a timely manner, chasing and collecting cash accordingly to meet agreed payment schedules.

- Handle disputes and escalate client queries or queries raised by shared service centres.

- Work with FEV colleagues to improve and streamline current invoicing process.

- Ensure Shared service centres complete cash applications appropriately and to the correct client account.

- Attend regular cash collection meetings with controllers, head of studios, shared service centres, other management and ensure aged debt is resolved.

- Assist with cash reporting and cash flow forecasts (Inflows) working with the Production Accountants to Financial Controllers in accordance with FEV reporting timetable and when needed.

- Assisting with Coupa and Equals user set up and day to day management of accounts.

Junior Analyst/Data Assistant

This role will help with its day-to-day operation across the business in three key areas: People, Processes, and Tools.

- Work with Data Analyst both cross-functionally and globally to gain project status updates.

- Provide data analysis and support for project reports, presentations, and data from a range of sources.

- Validate that information coming in and chasing missing reports.

- Aiding the Data Analysis team in planning activities and tracking projects against agreed schedules.

- Any adhoc admin tasks and collating documents in an accessible and logical manner.

Marketing Assistant

This role will provide administrative support for the TCS Marketing team, in helping to deliver campaigns to promote the work delivered by our leading VXF studios from pre-production through to final VFX. This is a global role working across locations, including: London, LA, Toronto, Montreal, Adelaide, and Bangalore.

The Marketing Assistant works closely with the marketing leads for each of the brands and reports to the Global Marketing Director for FEV, to assist with global marketing across the group.

- Assist with creating marketing and PR assets to promote films.

- Upload showreels, images and filmed interviews to digital platforms.

- Assist in writing copy and planning content on social media platforms. 

- Website updates and maintenance.

- Track press coverage and provide team with updates on VFX news

- Assist in creating submissions for awards including Oscars, BAFTA, VES, Annie.

- Assist with junkets, trade events and screenings (where applicable).

- Transcribe interviews and proofread press releases.

- Ensure all press interviews and event presentations are on brand.

- Ownership of PO tracker and raising POs.

- Take meeting notes and create agendas for meetings.

Operations Assistant

The Operations Assistant will work with the Head of Studio and departments with related operational tasks to support the Studio.

- Support the planning of RTS and desk management. 

- Assist the runners team with other duties when required.

- Working within a team to schedule the needs of the project.

- Chasing unconfirmed pencils in a timely manner to allow old bookings to fall.

- Highlighting if a clash of schedules arises and working with the team to find a successful solution while maximizing revenue.

- Highlighting any issues to your manager quickly which may affect work flow and or hinder the effective allocation of resources for that day.

- Secure/confirm freelancers on as needed basis.

Project Management Office Assistant

The Business Transformation Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for both delivery and the governance and standards for a range of enterprise programmes and projects across the global organisation. The PMO Coordinator’s primarily role is to aid with the continued set-up of the Business Transformation PMO across the organisation, to help ensure that Business Transformation projects are being run and governed within the required standards, and to facilitate the issue of key project reports and data to all stakeholders. At the same time, they will develop their own PMO skills and knowledge through on-the-job learning and training. 

Reporting to the Head of the PMO, the PMO Coordinator will sit within the PMO and help with its day-to-day operation, supporting the development of project management maturity across the business in three key areas: People, Processes, and Tools. 

- Work with Project Managers both cross-functionally and globally to gain project status updates. 

- Facilitate the issue of weekly, monthly, and quarterly project reporting to stakeholders in agreed timelines. 

- Set-up regular project review and governance meetings, ensuring they are run to cadence and documenting minutes and actions. 

- Provide quality assurance (QA) for project reports, presentations, and data from a range of sources. 

- Validate that correct project templates are being routinely used and contribute to the development of new/improved templates. 

- Aiding the Head of the PMO in planning activities and tracking projects against agreed schedules. 

- Contribute to the build of the “PMO Hub” in SharePoint. 

- Administration of Microsoft Teams channels and confirming that project documents are stored in an accessible and logical manner.

Production Assistant

The VFX Production Assistant facilitates administration delivery within the show/discipline; managing the calendar, note taking, and acting as the client liaison for reviews and sends. The primary responsibilities are as follows:

- Show management

The VFX Production Assistant is responsible for taking notes in any show meetings and chasing actions to completion. The PA ensures that client sends are performed in line with MPC standards and client guidelines; it is vital that all necessary checks are performed before sends leave the building to ensure no errors have been made. The PA is also responsible for I/O; working with Editorial so that all material received by the client is downloaded and dailies, and responds to I/O e-mails from the client to confirm; tracks all material received and brings up any material sent to Production/Producers/Supervision in morning meetings so that is reviewed accordingly. Managing client reviews – managing prep time, preparing the agendas and sends to the client; and taking notes, sending client notes, and adding feedback into ReviewTool. 

- Team management 

The VFX Production Assistant supports the coordinator team with disciplines both locally and in collaboration with the other facilities; carrying out day-to-day ad-hoc production tasks including but not limited to sending show sick/late emails, sending show holiday reports, updating and creating show email aliases, and checking and requesting any approved OT lunches for the show team. 

Talent Acquisition Admin

Under the Supervision of the Global Talent Acquisition Operations Manager, the Talent Acquisition Assistant will support the overall Focus team with admin related tasks related to recruitment. If you have a passion for teamwork and would like to make your way into recruitment then we want to hear from you!

- Develop your personal social media account (Linkedin) and build a pool of industry related talent.

- Assist in booking interviews with successful candidates.

- Deal with schedule conflicts.

- Assist in the admin work involved with hires.

- Assist the overall The Focus team with other duties when required.

Technical Assistant

The day to day of the Technical Administrator will include assisting the team in providing technical support for our VFX Artists. The Technical Administrator will participate and assist with a wide variety of projects; these can range from scripting and security to deploying servers and services, to assessing new hardware and software.

The Technical Administrator will help to ensure department operations are continuous, efficient and documented while contributing to the timely and efficient completion of shows and other day-to-day resource management for the studio.

If you have a sharp technical mind, a passion to learn, and want to be a part of some very high-profile productions, then this is the role for you!

- Provide friendly face to face and phone support for VFX Artists using Linux and Windows. To include application issues, OS issues, networking problems, login issues, software installs and requests for peripherals.

- Set up, move and install workstations to meet production requirements.

- Troubleshoot, repair and RMA workstation hardware.

- Calibrate artist monitors.

- Provide general help to other members of the Systems team.

- Provide late cover on a rotational shift pattern.

- Various ad hoc project work.

Talent Ops Team

The Talent Acquisition Operations Assistant will work hand-in-hand with the Global Talent Acquisition Operations Manager with related operational tasks associated to The Focus.

- Assist in optimising The Focus' Applicant Tracking System.

- Send out surveys to new joiners, transfers, and employees leaving the business.

- Send our weekly reverse recruitment emails to the wider industry.

- Organise files and folders in Microsoft Teams.

- Assist in writing processes and workflows for current projects.

- Assist the overall The Focus team with other duties when required.


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