Posted Jul 25

The Focus @ Mifa Annecy Festival 2019

by Jane Bracher
The Focus @ Mifa Annecy Festival 2019 by Jane Bracher

This year, animators, producers, executives, recruiters, industry veterans as well as the next generation of artists turned to Japan and examined their work to get a glimpse into what that future might hold.

The festival, which fetes a specific country and its animation history and culture each year, highlighted Japan’s long and storied animation tradition for 2019. The last time Japan was the focus of Annecy Festival was in 1999. The country’s animation industry has continued to flourish since.

There were multiple screenings of feature animation films as well as animated shorts throughout the festival, while exhibits showcased the future of Japanese animation and technology.

Japanese animation’s leading industry figures were honoured at the event, including animator Yôichi Kotabe, producer Yoshiaki Nishimura, and independent animator Koji Yamamura.

Meanwhile, VFX was also a topic of conversation at the event. MPC Film Asset Supervisor Giles Davies participated in a panel called “From animation to live-action: When VFX bridge the gap”.

MPC Film animators at Mifa

In keeping with the theme of “NEW MOTION: The Next of Japanese Animation”, Mifa at Annecy Festival served as an encouraging space for young animators to seek not just inspiration from the sheer high quality of work around them, but also valuable feedback they could apply to their work.

Many students in particular had the rare opportunity to meet two highly experienced animators from award-winning visual effects studio MPC Film.

MPC Film Head of Animation Chris Stenner and Key Artist Ingo Schachner were with The Focus throughout the festival. Both artists eagerly reviewed showreels of young animators as well as offered their advice and feedback.

Stenner and Schachner have extensive animation careers between them and have worked on shows such as The Jungle Book and The Lion King.

It was a homecoming for Stenner as well, who had attended Annecy Festival in the early days of his career and won an award for his student film.

Meeting great talent

The Focus, the recruitment brand for Technicolor’s award-winning film and episodic VFX studios, was at the event hiring for MPC Film, Mr. X and Mill Film in locations including London, Montreal and Adelaide.

The recruitment team for The Focus met and connected with many talented students who had their showreels reviewed as well as professionals in the industry interested in VFX job opportunities.

Organisers said there were over 1,000 candidates during the recruitment sessions, which was more than in 2018.

If you’re looking to work in the VFX industry, visit our website to find various roles across the entire production process at all our studios in various locations around the world. 

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